Our purpose







Enchant our clients with an innovative HCM platform aimed at bringing people together, sharing knowledge and facilitating overall relationships

LG tackles the most relevant issues in the HCM ecosystem

LG has been helping business owners and employees of all sizes.

Addressing the main concerns regarding the workforce.

With 100% hassle free cloud-based solutions.

Addressing every aspect of talent life-cycle

Talent Acquisition

Learning & Games


Performance Management


Experience Management

We have a unique cloud-based, modular and vertically-focused portfolio

Integrated cloud platform

LG offers a complete set of HCM solutions, which allow it to increase retention rate of clients while benefiting from cross-selling opportunities

Providing key benefits to clients

Productivity and higher team engagement

Cost savings by eliminating manual tasks

More assertive decisions through analytics

Time and money savings

Employee development strategy

Ensuring compliance and data protection, through ISO 27001

What do we do for our customers?

SAVING OF R$ 300 THOUSAND / YEAR, with the automation of granting childcare policy.

OPTIMIZATION FROM 5 TO 2 MONTHS in the personnel budget planning process, after deploying the LG tool.

12 MONTHS was the unification time of the payroll base of the 5 companies from the group, whose expectation time was 2 years.

ECONOMY OF R$ 1 MILLION with 12 months of the payroll system operation.

3 MONTHS was the time of adaptation of processes to eSocial, with the support of products and services of LG.

REDUCTION FROM 10 DAYS TO 1 DAY of the accounting closing, after adoption of LG’s solution, which optimized the deadlines in the closing of the sheet.


LG provides innovative technology solutions for HCM. Some of the main awards received by LG include:

8 times Top Mind in the category “Payroll Systems” ¹

We are among the largest HCM software vendors in the world²

12 times among the 100 Best Suppliers for RH³

Elected 11 consecutive times in the ranking for “Trusted Suppliers”⁴

Recognized as one of the "200 largest IT companies in the country", being the largest specialized in technology for people management⁵

¹ Award promoted by Grupo Top RH

² TOP 500 HCM survey conducted by Apps Run the World

³ Award promoted by Gestão HR

⁴ Awarded by Editora Segmento

⁵ Elected 19 times by Anuário Informática Hoje

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