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Know LiGia, LG’s Artificial Intelligence platform that applies to several solutions, like games, chatbots, and analytics, which helps solve the challenges of people management. 

What is LiGia and what does it do? Through a range of solutions, it allows automazing the employee’s journey, using machine learning and other technologies. Thus, it helps transform data into insights for better decision-making in your company’s people management. 

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What are LG lugar de gente
Artificial Intelligence differentials?

Chatbots for scheduling interviews with candidates, request vacation and referring to several services like payment receipt, available vacancies, or timesheet, and the best part, without human interaction from the company;

Algorithms that potentialize the user’s capacity of analyzing the data, find patterns and tendencies;

Digital admission and sending online documents;

Intelligent crossover of information about the professional performance and business results, through a People Analytics tool.

Assessment games for mapping the behavioral profile and proficiency in technical competencies, with automatic generation of individual and adaptive learning trails based on each employee’s needs;

Interview by video automatized competencies (IA) to the selective processes;

Matching the candidate’s profile with the ideal profile for the vacancy.


More intelligence to your self-service

LiGia bot is a digital assistant that dialogues and automatizes while you produce. From the use of chatbots, it interacts in real-time, offering self-service information, like receipts, informs of incomes, and vacation schedules. All that to increase HR productivity and contribute to the employee’s autonomy.

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“To us, the important thing is to have innovative systems with differentiated technical support. We had a lot of difficulty in serving the calls with the old solution and, with LG, everything got easier. We managed to have an actual customized service, solving problems in a fast way and using the latest solutions.”

Cinthia Cavalcante
IT and Organizational Development Director

“I participate in lots of training and development forums to keep updated with the new market tendencies. I know big companies, but few of them have an initial sales qualification training so modern, interactive, and with training indicators directly tied to both the business and our indicators. Because of that, when I see everything we built together with LG lugar de gente, I can only think of one word to describe this partnership: innovation.”

Vivian Drudi
Training and Commercial Support Manager

“LG was very transparent and showed us what it had at that moment, as well as what was expected for the product’s evolution. The demands we made and that were not planned were added to the roadmap. Therefore, this agility in listening to the client, in understanding that the final user is the employee, as well as this goodwill and desire to help, makes us keep choosing LG lugar de gente’s partnership.”

Alexandre Guedes
Superintendent of People Management

Find out what
LiGia can do for you

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