manage your team globally with ease and efficiency

Optimize payroll management for international global teams by simplifying processes and ensuring compliance in more than 150 countries. With the partnership between LG lugar de gente and Deel, it is possible to have a complete and uncomplicated experience.

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Open doors to the world with global payroll

LG lugar de gente, a leader in human capital management solutions in Brazil, has established a partnership with Deel, the global platform for payment and payroll services, aimed at optimizing and simplifying international payment processes. The collaboration offers a comprehensive solution for managing globally distributed teams, facilitating the payment of employees in more than 150 countries with security and flexibility. Now there are no borders for your business.

A simple and complete global payroll

Innovation and global efficiency to solve local challenges;

Simplified management of global employees;

Flexibility in people management;

Improved customer experience.

LG lugar de gente stands out as an innovation leader in human resources management in Brazil. It develops comprehensive solutions that cover everything from talent management to payroll.

Its reputation is marked by an emphasis on transformation, quality and commitment to customer satisfaction, evidencing a continuous search for excellence and greater efficiency in the organizations it serves.

Deel is a comprehensive HR platform for global teams, simplifying the management of international workforces, covering aspects such as culture, integration, payroll and compliance.

With more than 20,000 clients in over 150 countries, it serves everyone from small businesses to large corporations. Deel serves both independent contractors and full-time employees, ensuring global compliance.


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