Privacy Policy

Last update: September 2023.

LG lugar de gente has great concern with the Privacy Policy and Data Protection. It is important to share with you, the data subject, our Privacy Policy, and Data Protection, so you will become aware of our zeal, protection, and transparency with the treatment of your private data.

This Policy is made for you, to introduce our guidelines and the way LG lugar de gente collects, processes, stores, and protects the personal information in the treatment of personal data as CONTROLLER, when LG lugar de gente will make decisions regarding the treatment of your personal data.

Therefore, this Policy is to show you our activities regarding both online and offline data capture, reaching the personal data that LG lugar de gente collects through our many channels, including —but not limited to — websites, applications, social networking, researches, and events. Please, note that LG lugar de gente will be able to get together personal data combined from different sources (for instance, our website and offline events) or LG lugar de gente partners. You can consult the section “About your rights concerning personal data” to obtain more information about how to oppose that.

In some specific cases, if you choose not to provide your personal data pointed out as necessary (LG lugar de gente will indicate when that is the case, for instance, putting this information in our report forms explicitly), maybe we will not be able to provide our services to you.

Where do we collect the personal data?

LG lugar de gente can collect your personal data from the following sources:

  • Websites of LG lugar de gente: all our websites can be used to collect personal data. This for both websites we operate straight through our domains and IP addresses and websites or pages LG lugar de gente establishes in third-party services.
  • Electronic Mail and systems of exchange of instant messages: services used to keep electronic communication between you and LG lugar de gente, including those available directly by LG lugar de gente, or third-party services like WhatsApp, Telegram, SMS (short message service), and similar.
  • Mobile applications of LG lugar de gente: mobile applications provided directly by LG lugar de gente or by third-party services like Google or Apple.
  • Advertisements, propagandas, and online forms: interaction with any kind of advertisements, propagandas, and online forms of LG lugar de gente.
  • Offline records: records filled in offline, distributed during events, and other interactions with LG lugar de gente.
  • Data received from third-parties: including, but not limited to social networks and third-party websites, for instance, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Analytics and similars, data aggregator services, LG lugar de gente partners, public sources, and data received during the acquisition of other companies.

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